Breast Lift

Breast Lift

Brief Description

Also known as mastopexy is performed to help resuspend and reshape the breast to its more youthful position and form.   There are multiple techniques employed with this surgery.  Circumareolar, Lollipop,and  Wise pattern are the three most common types.  These procedures can be performed as an individual procedure, but is often combined with other procedures such as Breast Augmentation or Breast Reduction (Mammoplasty).

What issues can a Breast lift fix?

Sagging or pendulous breasts

Loss of volume or tone

Overly large or ‘downward pointing’ areolas

Loss of firmness and fullness


There are multiple techniques employed with this surgery.  Circumareolar is done around the nipple and utilized for a small lift when 1 cm is typically needed.  The Lejour or Lollipop incision is used when 1-3 cm or resuspension of the breast is needed.  The Wise pattern also known as the anchor incision is for patients that need significant  lift and reshaping.  All of these techniques utilize some sort of incision around the nipple and may include a skin incision overlying the new reshaped breast.  These scars will fade with time and be minimally visible.  

Breast Lift procedures are performed under general anesthesia or IV sedation.

Same day surgery – There is no overnight stay and patients can go home if they are local or we recommend they stay in a hotel if they are traveling from out of town.


Following your Mastopexy, you will be advised to rest for between two and six weeks.

Back to work – Patients are advised to take at least two weeks off work following a Breast lift procedure.

Physical exercise – OCSA surgeons advise that after Mastopexy you do not exercise your lower body until after two weeks, and wait four to eight weeks before exercising the upper body.

Contact with breasts – Patients should wait three to four weeks post Breast lift surgery before having contact with their breasts.

Swelling and discomfort – Swelling and discomfort should subside within a few weeks after your Mastopexy, but it is advised to wear a sports bra without under-wiring for at least six weeks after the procedure.

Fading of scars – The fading of scars after a Breast lift is the longest part of the recovery process and can take anything from several months to a year; occasionally more. There are procedures and treatments that can be done post procedure to help with scarring.

Side effects/Risks

As with any cosmetic surgery procedure, there are some possible risks involved, although these risks are greatly decreased when you are in the hands of a competent, experienced and capable cosmetic surgeon such as the surgeons from OCSA. Breast Lift surgery is usually quite a straight forward procedure, with minimal complications, but the most common of these are asymmetry of the breasts, decreased nipple sensation, and scarring, depending on which techniques are used.

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