Tummy Tuck

Tummy Tuck

Brief Description

Also known as an abdominoplasty is a very common cosmetic surgery procedure that focusing on addressing the abdomen. As we age the human body is subject to multiple stresses that can cause dramatic weight fluctuation. This fluctuation can lead to excessive fat accumulation, stretch marks, weak muscles and loose skin.  


-Remove excess skin

-Remove excess fat and provide definition

-Tighten your muscles and restore abdominal function

-Provide a flat stomach

-Remove some stretch marks

The Procedure

Incisions are made along your abdomen and around your belly button in order to begin repairing abdominal muscles and removing excess skin, leaving you with two scars post-procedure. Different procedures fall under the “tummy tuck” category: Mini, Modified and Full. The aim is to flatten the abdomen by removing excess fat and skin and tightening muscles of abdominal wall. The incisions are hidden in the bikini line, abdominal muscles are tightened, skin excess trimmed away and if appropriate fat excess aspirated.

Length of the Operation – 1.5 to 3 hours.

Anesthesia – General anesthesia, or IV sedation with Tumescent infiltration are mainly utilized.

Same day surgery – There is no overnight stay and patients can go home if they are local or we recommend they stay in a hotel if they are traveling from out of town.


Returning to normal routine can take 1-2 weeks. Returning to exercise could take about 6 weeks, varying between patients.

Post operative course will include swelling, soreness, numbness of abdominal skin, bruising, tiredness for several weeks. There is usually some temporary pain.

Side effects/Risks

Every procedure carries some uncertainty and risks. The following are possible risks that could be incurred during an abdominoplasty: Blood clots; infection; bleeding under the skin flap; poor healing resulting in conspicuous scarring or skin loss (mainly in heavy smokers); excessive scarring.

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